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3-2-1 Let’s go, Portland!

By October 2, 2023October 4th, 2023Announcements, News

Teacher Tiffany announces her campaign for Portland City Council

I’m so excited to share that I’m running for Portland City Council in District 3—because I believe we can create a safe, connected, housed Portland where everyone can thrive

In November, a power shift awaits with the new city charter. I’ve spent the last months meeting with local leaders and politicians, other candidates, and most importantly with you—my community.  I’ve had so many  conversations about what people in our district need and what they hope for from their city. I want to be a part of the group to usher in the change we need in Portland.  

As City Commissioner Tiffany Koyama Lane, I will bring my community – that’s you – into office with me.  The most important goal I have right now is raising 250 small donations—this qualifies me for Portland’s Small Donor Elections program. Once I qualify, the program provides candidates a 9-to-1 match—for every $20 donated by a Portlander, our campaign receives $200. 

It’s a powerful way to keep this race powered by everyday Portlanders and it reflects one of my core values and reasons for running – the need to have greater representation in City Hall of the incredible ideas and energy of regular Portlanders.

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