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Teacher Tiffany is running for Portland City Council District 3

I am overwhelmed by the support and love I’ve received since announcing my campaign for City Council on Monday. It’s been only 48 hours, and we have already received more than half of the 250 donations we need to qualify for the Portland Small Donor Elections program!

Portland’s unique small donor program provides candidates a 9-to-1 match—for every $20 donated by a Portlander, our campaign receives $200. It’s a powerful way to keep this race powered by everyday Portlanders. 

You—my community!—are helping me get this campaign started right. And I plan to continue bringing your insights, ideas, energy, and voices right on into City Hall with me.

As a community organizer, I know the incredible talents, know-how and energy of this community. If you are feeling inspired to do more to support this campaign, here are some things that would help us keep this momentum going: 


  • Sign up to volunteer for the campaign. We’ll keep you informed about our progress and call on you for help with things like sharing with your community about my campaign, knocking on doors, etc. If that’s a little too much, you can also just sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed.


  • Share about the campaign with your social networks. You can share posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Or just talk with your friends, family, colleagues and others about this election and how it important it is to the future of our city.


  • Reach out. I would love to talk more with you about my vision for Portland and hear your ideas and concerns about our city. Feel free to email me at 
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